PRO 900A WB Wheel Balancer$1,349(Concord, NH) or call 603-234-2612 FEATURES Static AL1, AL2, AL3 balancing modes High-precision machined spindle and superior bearing ensure precision balancing Changeable between gram and ounce; changeable between millimeter and inch Wheel guard, auto start Automatic electric brake Self diagnosis and self calibration Foot brake pedal to steady tire for weight install Large flange and cone for balancing tires, 19.5" (optional) Maximum wheel weight 140 lbs. *Includes 1 year limited warranty. PRO 900A WB WHEEL BALANCER SPECIFICATIONS: MOTOR: 110V POWER: 0.25KW RIM WIDTH: 1.5-12" RIM DIAMETER: 12-24" MAX TIRE DIAMETER: 39" BALANCING SPEED: 180rpm BALANCING PRECISION: +/- 1g